Gap Years

If you are thinking of going to Israel (or beyond!), there are some great reform options!

Shnat Netzer is the unique gap year programme of Netzer Olami (the umbrella group that includes RSY-Netzer) and is an 8 month volunteering and study programme. It facilitates personal development, offers opportunities to study Jewish ideals, all whilst living as part of a close knit community in Israel.



Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is run by our friends at the Daniel Centre and allows you to volunteer in social justice initiatives including with refugees and new immigrants or in co-existence projects whilst living in the heart of South Tel Aviv

Kibbutz Lotan  has two great programmes you might be interested in. One is the Green Apprenticeship and the other is the peace, justice and environment semester. You can find out about all of options on Lotan by clicking here


Other Reform-friendly programmes

LIFE- The LIFE programme has strong links to the Reform movement as its founder was the central educational shaliach (emissary) for the American Reform Movement and has worked with Netzer gap year participants. The programme participants have interned at IRAC which is the social justice arm of the Israel Reform Movement.